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Evian Technology aims to provide you with high-quality product development, technical services, and production throughout the year as a service-oriented company
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High degree of automation and low energy consumption
Highly integrated, easy to operate, easy to drive
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Evian Company has launched a series of innovative technologies, high-quality services, and solutions
Shanghai Evian Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Evian) is located in the beautiful and industrialized suburbs of Jiading, Shanghai, China. It is one of the leading gas equipment manufacturers in China.
We are a "Shanghai High tech Enterprise" specializing in equipment manufacturing and EPC general contracting for natural gas hydrogen production, methanol cracking hydrogen production, coke oven gas hydrogen production, pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production, VPSA vacuum adsorption oxygen production, and one of the first batch of enterprises in the "Science and Technology Innovation Board" coaching period of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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