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About Evian
Shanghai Evian Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Evian) is located in the beautiful and industrialized suburbs of Jiading, Shanghai, China. It is one of the leading gas equipment manufacturers in China.
We are a "Shanghai High tech Enterprise" specializing in equipment manufacturing and EPC general contracting for natural gas hydrogen production, methanol cracking hydrogen production, coke oven gas hydrogen production, pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production, VPSA vacuum adsorption oxygen production, and one of the first batch of enterprises in the "Science and Technology Innovation Board" coaching period of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Corporate Values

Understanding of responsibility

Every company of Evidence is a big family, and we have the responsibility to contribute to its health and development;


Our products must reflect contemporary advanced technology;


Everyone in the company is responsible for the company's progress and must share in the company's success;

Pursue excellence

 Creativity is the basic factor for our progress in design work and all other work;


Must be encouraged by providing appropriate environmental conditions and appropriate recognition of success;


We only produce products of one quality grade;

Serve customers attentively

Our customers are the source of our survival: their needs must be put first;

Staff training

We advocate a working environment that fully reflects the personal value of each employee;

Our employees are our valuable asset;

Sustainable development is not only a corporate responsibility and obligation
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

QHES Management

QHES Management

Service Team

Service Team

Relationship With Customers

Relationship With Customers