Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Fengxian Sub-zone
Best Location For Fine Chemistry
The only industry park for fine chemical manufacturing in Shanghai
FSCIP has complete infrastructure, including roads, electricity, water, rainwater and sewage treatment, steam, natural gas, telecom and land leveling.
Water and Sewage:Treatment capacity 150,000 T/D,Water capacity 50,000T/D.
Natural gas heat value is 8,500 kilocalories/stere. Exit pressure is 4kg/cm2. Pipe diameter is from DN300-DN600, using middle pressure pipe.
Steam:The Combined Heating and Power Project, has 2×460MW thermoelectric generating sets.
Electricity:Double circuit,Max 1600KVA,15000V to red line,35000V dedicated circuit.
Professional Infrastructure
Medical Emergency Center is directly under the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning. It has five functions: chemical accident rescue, basic medical care, occupational disease.
Emergency Response Center combines functions altogether, including: public safety, firefighting, chemical accident rescuing, disaster prevention, and environment protection.
Three firefighting teams have been founded in the park. They are proficient in special fire extinguishing and chemical accident rescuing. With 34 professional fire engines, they can reach the site within 5 minutes.
COSCO, SINOTRANS, SIPG, and Tianqi logistics provide warehouses. Among them, 95,500 sq. warehouses for general chemicals and 17,000 sq. warehouses for hazardous chemicals.
Shanghai Changying Environment Protection Plant and Shanghai Yimao Environment Protection Plant provide hazardous waste recycle services, capacity 90,000T/year.
In the south side of FSCIP, there are eight 7,500t berths, three 25,000t berths, four 50,000t berths and 760,000m3 tankfarm.